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Monday, April 9, 2012

The day before… EASTER

Last week… Holy Week… was somewhat of an involuntary “spring break” for us. We were fighting some sort of virus and so our school work was kept to the bare basics. Reading, a little math and our history mixed in with lots of naps and more than our fair share of Netflix.  The “extra” activities were set aside for the weekend when Daddy was home and hopefully we were all feeling a little better.

Making “Resurrection Rolls”…





And Bird’s Nests… I have seen these ALL over the blog-world this Spring. It was also a “suggested” activity in our curriculum(since we are learning about birds in science). I used the recipe in the curriculum… Kind of wish I had searched the internet for a little tastier recipe. Even tons of chocolate can’t make THAT much Shredded Wheat taste GREAT. They were more for the process and a cute end product. I guess.DSC_0704




“What, Mom? I didn’t take a chocolate egg…I prooomisssse”Winking smile


Then of course… egg dying. I have yet to learn my lesson in egg dying! I ALWAYS wait til the night before Easter and thus we all go to church the next morning in our Easter best with multi-colored hands. Winking smileNext year, right?


This was Micah’s first time to participate in the egg dying. Daddy was asigned (by me) with the task of monitoring Micah’s every move. He tasted the vinegar on more than one occasion, was quite frustrated that Daddy wouldn’t let him pick up the bowls of dye, picked his nose, licked the eggs, and ended up being content to just stick stickers on an un-dyed egg. Should have started with that. Oh well, live and learn.







And the scratch on his nose and eye happened somehow while swimming earlier in the day. Because Easter pictures need scars and bruises, right?


“Hmmm….. kinda looks like punch!”


Only a few tears shed. Overall not too much drama for his first Easter egg decorating session.

Look at that face… it is the very defenition of  “strong willed” Winking smile 


The girls enjoyed dying eggs, of course. And I think we could easily decorate several dozen and they would complain every time that there isn’t enough to decorate.  I think we ended up having 2 dozen. There is only so much egg salad I can take. Winking smile



Leah’s first Easter egg dying session was spent observing…. just enjoying the view.




So that was the day before…

And then there was Sunday.

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