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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A new chapter…

Today Micah graduated from the “nursery” to the 2 year old Sunday school classroom. He has not been a fan of the nursery…. AT ALL!!!!! He actually has really changed our church experience in the last 2 years quite a bit because he would get so upset in the nursery. We would often (like every week) get paged and end up spending the service time consoling and being with Micah. In the last month or so we have had some progress and he has been able to calm down enough to stay in the nursery through one service although most of the time he is pushed around in a stroller by one of the workers and much like a ticking time bomb… he would burst into tears at the slightest thing. So we were a bit nervous knowing today would be “promotion Sunday” and weren’t sure how he would respond to a new class, teachers and surroundings … but my worry was all for not. HE DID AWESOME!!! He walked in to the room crying and as soon as he saw all the different toys and activities he stopped, pointed to the play kitchen area and one of his teachers took his hand and walked him through the room and that was it! He was good to go! WOW! I almost left feeling like something was a little wrong… I have gotten so used to a MAJOR melt-down every Sunday! His teachers said he did great! Sooo maybe we are turning a page on part of his baby stage and starting a new chapter! We will see!

And just cause I am one proud mama… here is Micah’s first ever Sunday school lesson coloring sheet!


Such an artist! Winking smile Don’t you think?

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