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Friday, April 27, 2012

pieces of the every day…

every day I wake up next to this little bed bug…


I love this blue-eyed baby…


I think Leah is teething… she is a drooling machine and her hands are constantly in her mouth.




But still full of smiles.


This week we are watching this ol’ girl… my parents dog Dixie. She is used to much more quiet and less chaotic surroundings… and is CONSTANTLY looking up at me with a sad, pathetic face. Don’t worry Dixie, you just have to endure the craziness for a few more days.


Leah’s baby feet in her baby TOM’S … just so cute…


She is holding onto things and starting to grab for things now.


And she can get mad!


My son….

This is the poster picture for why playing in a rose bush isn’t exactly a great idea.

The funny thing is… he didn’t seem to mind the thorns. He wasn’t phased at all. “Oh well, just a couple thorns in the face… whatever.” Winking smile


A packed mini-van. Four car seats.  It’s how I roll.


Josh normally leaves before the kids wake up in the morning…. early. But there are the rare occasions where he stays around for a bit in the morning. It’s always nice to have him home for our morning routine… but it also makes for sad “good byes.”

Micah was pretty sad to see Daddy off to work.


And spent a little time gazing out the window, whimpering…. “daaaaaaaaaddddy” …. sniff,sniff….

So sad…


every day… this is my classroom


these are my students…


every day…

we read…

a lot…

about cool people like…



and this Friday night is almost over and it’s going to be officially the weekend…

YAY! Happy Saturday!

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