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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a baseball game…

Micah got to go on a “daddy date” of his very own on Monday. And bonus… his cousins and Uncle Tim were able to join him and daddy. His sisters were pretty jealous.  It was an Angels vs Twins game so he was sporting his Angels gear, while his cousins were decked out in their Twins attire.  I got texts throughout the evening of pictures. To be honest I was surprised he made it as long as he did at the game. I thought they would make it to the third in inning or so. But Josh is good (much better than I) at containing, maintaining and distracting… so they ended up leaving in the 8th inning. I think the little Mr. was a little hyped up on ice cream and excitement because he wasn’t asleep when they got home… but was quick to crash once he hit his pillow. The first of many baseball games with his dad.

Here’s what I saw via text… 


the boy cousins…. Micah, Sammy, Christian and Peter


Daddy and His Guy…


Happy Boy!



time to go…


… starting to lose it….


… at home… and time for bed! Fun times!



mr. antsy pants…


moovin and a groovin…

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  1. Luke and John were there for Luke's first Angels game that night, too! So fun!