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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maui… Friday… Parasailing

Ok. So this is one of those things that I had never really thought of doing. Not that I was afraid of it… I just have never had the “need” to check it off any bucket list. I overall am pretty much a steady Eddie… I don’t have a major desire for adrenaline rushes. Most of my bucket lists items are to see something… go somewhere… spend time with someone… I didn’t have parasailing on my list. So when my husband asked me if I would go parasailing with him… I was a bit surprised how quickly “Sure!” came rolling out of my mouth. It wasn’t until we were walking to the boat that I said… “What did I say yes to?” But I was also surprised at how utterly calm I was. Not one butterfly. Very weird. But this is the kind of thing Josh loves. He loves new adventures… and I am always thrilled to be with him. Not to mention I always feel safe with him… so maybe that is why the answer of “Sure!” came out of my mouth again when he asked if I wanted to go to the highest they go… 1200 feet! Might as well go all the way… right?

So early Friday morning… Josh and I left the kids with my mom and headed out the door and just a short walk later we were on a boat getting ready to fly!

This is before we got all hooked up… see not nervous at all.


My guy.


I could have sat on that boat and felt the wind on my face all morning. It was a GORGEOUS day!


And then we got strapped up, hooked up…. and sent up!





This is us… saying “I can’t believe we are doing this!”  There may have been a few “I love yous” said also…Winking smile


Getting up there!


Ok! Look at that! To be honest it didn’t feel as high as I thought it would…. and it also looks way higher than it feels…


We saw sea turtles and reefs and also all over the island… it was pretty awesome!


The captain brings you down…


And gives you a little dip…


ok… more than a “little” dip….




Then brings you back up for one last look….


before you come back to earth…


I was surprised at how relaxing it was… all we could hear was the wind and each other up there. I could have stayed up there a lot longer. Both of us could!  What a fun way to start our last full day in Maui! And I wouldn’t have wanted to fly with anyone else but this guy!

He’s pretty great, folks.

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