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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maui… Friday… time to say “ALOHA”…

As is the case with all vacations… they eventually end. And our trip to Maui… was no exception. So Friday night was our last night and time for us to say “Aloha” to a great week. I had dreams of getting a GREAT  family picture before we left… we got some pictures…

This picture shows you how the “session” started…. this indicates how the rest of the pictures went.


Micah wasn’t into it. I don’t think we ever ALL looked at the camera at the same time…


But with the setting that we were in… I don’t think a COMPLETELY bad picture could have really happened.


Then I tried to get just the kids…


At one point Anna looked like she might just burst into tears…


Micah squirmed, and whined…


Leah ate sand.


Micah protested.


And then a volleyball rolled their way from a near by game and with that my camera died…. 


Oh well…

We headed out to dinner at a great sandwich and pie shop and a little souvenir shopping in Lahaina

On Saturday morning we got up, packed and left for the airport…

Time to say “good- bye.”

And on the way home… Micah sat IN HIS SEAT for FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!! I think the laid back ways of the islands were starting to influence him.Winking smile 

What a blessing this trip was. Josh’s work gave us such an amazing opportunity and also memories for a lifetime. 

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