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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maui… Sunday & Monday

On Mother’s day we boarded a plane to the Hawaiian island of Maui…. ALOHA!

Overall the plane ride was pretty smooth.The girls were great travelers. Micah was too actually, he made it to about hour 3 of our 5 hour flight and then decided he no longer wanted to be in a seat. The last 2 hours of the flight were a little interesting but in the end… we made it!

We arrived in Maui…got our baggage, van rental, car seats installed…. and eventually got to our hotel… four kids is definitely teaching me lessons of patience in the process of things. We can’t move as fast as we once did. Anyways… once we got to the hotel and into our room we ordered room service and then it was pretty much lights out…

And on Monday morning we woke up to a BEAUTIFUL day in Maui! Our room had a great view! Josh left early to play a round of golf at Kapalua. My mom(oh, did I mention my mom came along? Her presence was INVALUABLE!!!!! ) and I spent the day at the pool with the kids…I actually didn’t get the camera out until later in the day… having too much fun, I guess. I was able to get a few shots after nap time and got some really gorgeous shots of our Leah bug.  

Look at our pretty girl…






The kids spent the ENTIRE day in the pool!!!! I really mean… the E.N.T.I.R.E. day! I think they were afraid the pool might just disappear if they got out.  I also think the sun, chlorine and jet lag were a tad shocking to their systems… they weren’t in the happiest of moods by dinner time. Anna was having “stinging eyes”… poor thing.


Bekah too…


But they toughed it out enough so that we could go to dinner at Kimo’s in Lahaina…

and after a beautiful, tasty and pretty much crazy (Micah would not sit down at all and Leah was pretty fussy) meal… we decided… counter service might be a better option for future meals for the week. The view was incredible though. Lahaina at sunset… breath taking. We only got a few rolling eyes and evil glares as we left the restaurant…. oh well. Winking smile


some of the views from the hotel…





Dessert always has a way of calming the crazies… at least for a little while.




Then it was back to the hotel, to snuggle in for the night and rest those sun kissed faces for another day in Maui.

Lots more adventures to come… our time in Hawaii had just begun!

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