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Monday, May 21, 2012

Maui… Thursday… getting a pearl…

After lunch the kids ALL fell asleep in the car. And so the adults opted to keep driving for a bit and go see a little bit more of the Island. Josh showed us where he played golf on Monday and my mom showed us the resort she and my dad stayed at 5 years ago. Both were beautiful places. Then we drove out to a look out point that looked at the resort and golf course and had an incredible view. By this time the girls were awake and so we took a few pictures.


Our van was maxed out! Smile


Then it was back to the hotel. For what else? The pool, of course!



Views from our room…


See those umbrellas? That is where the kiddie portion of the pool was.


After the pool, I wanted to do something special for the girls. On our honeymoon I got a pearl. I have a single pearl that hangs on a white gold chain. I wanted the girls to get one… to see how pearls are made and to also have a special souvenir of their trip. So we walked over to Whaler’s Village.


The girls each picked an oyster…



The girl explained how the pearls were made… and then cracked open the oyster. Rebekah’s was first.


She got a HUGE white pearl!


Anna’s came next…



She ended up getting a very large silver pearl… which I guess is rare to get!



See…. pretty aren’t they. We had them set on a very simple silver pendant… so they can put them on a chain or charm bracelet.  I think they are pleased and hopefully it will be something they remember from the trip.


On our way back to the hotel… we stopped for some very fun shortbread cookies…



And then… Josh and I got to go out for a very fun date night. Smile

What a Thursday!

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