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Monday, May 21, 2012

Maui… Thursday… Iao State Park

On Thursday Josh was done with the conference and so we ventured out to do a little exploration of the Island. Josh and I both have a see everything, do everything mentality when it comes to vacations. We aspire to do as much as we can, in the time we have. Attribute it to wanting to get the most bang for our buck, the thought of “maybe we won’t be here again” or just liking to be on the go…. whatever the case may be we are learning that we have to have an attitude of… we need to do what we can do for “this stage in our lives”… we may not get to every waterfall on the Island or experience every tour, excursion, restaurant or hike. We have four little kids and we need to do what we can with them. Our goal is to create memories as a family and we want those to be good memories… not memories of stress and frustration. So anyways… a lesson learned. So with all that being said….Iao Valley State Park ended up being just enough hike for us to do with our brood. This place is pretty crazy. It gets on average, I think… like 386 inches of rain each year! According to Josh… that is a “CRAZY amount of rain!”  Anyways it has some beautiful views, waterfalls, plant life, streams, and lots of history too.





Three smiling girls and watch the Micah man…..

“ah-HA…. I think I might just pull that hair….”


“Or grab sister’s face….”


Grandma to the rescue…



How about a picture of just the girls….

ahhhh…. boys…. gotta love um…. but sometimes…. it’s easier to take a picture without them pulling your hair. Winking smile


Looking at really cool, bright green lizard.


Say “cheese”!


Rebekah Kate.


Putting their feet in the stream.


Slippery rocks. Everyone hold onto Daddy. If Daddy goes… they all go!



It was such a joy to have my mom with us. Not only was she an incredible help but she is just a great lady to be around. She is truly my DEAREST friend.  We have fun together, laugh together, she points me towards Christ, my husband and my kids and she makes me want to be better at what I do.


In the water.


Shoes. I don’t know if you can tell but Anna and Micah wear the same size. Winking smile


God was so amazing in creating details….


Climbing… we had a TIGHT hold on Micah. The railings were NOT very safe for little monkeys. We have decided that we will be getting a baby “leash” for our trip to the Grand Canyon in the fall.  EEEKKKK!!!!


My “big” girls…


Gotta touch any water in site.


Micah likes to “get” Anna. He definitely knows how to push her buttons. It’s what little brothers are supposed to do, right? He can get quite a dramatic reaction out of her… and in her defense he can be pretty rough. We are working on it.  They weigh about the same and so she really doesn’t have too much of a size advantage on him. Anyways… these pictures are pretty funny… you can see his mind working. And with Micah, you never know where he is going to go… this time all ended well. But as you can tell from the pictures Anna braces… not sure if her brother might bop her or hug her. Thankfully it was the later of the two options.

Here he comes… Anna unsuspecting.


Still not aware that he’s behind her…


And then he goes in for the…… hug…… ahhh…..


…. and gives her a smooch on the noggin for good measure. Brotherly love.


The plant life in Hawaii is really quite incredible. Look at the roots on this tree! And the trunk of the tree was pretty skinny. Interesting.


The guy in his hula wear.



That was Iao State Park… then we were off to find lunch…

Thursdays going to have a couple posts.


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