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Monday, May 21, 2012

Maui… Thursday… Paia…

After our little hike we were hungry. It’s a theme with us… getting hungry, that is. So we went to a little town called Paia. Josh and I remembered this little place from our honeymoon in Maui almost 11 years ago… so it was fun to revisit and reminisce. We ate at a little café… I had a duck burger… it was yum! And then we walked for a bit. There was a building that had been painted this lovely shade of aqua blue… so we used it for a back drop for some pictures.


Don’t let those cuddles and cute faces fool you… they were whining and bickering not two seconds before this picture  was taken. A very good thing about my girls… they are quick to make up and usually aren’t ones to hold grudges. Oh the relationship of sisters.



Silly faces…



Almost 11 years later… things have changed. One thing hasn’t… I still think he is simply amazing.



Picking up a soda before we leave town…


I thought the watermelon water was a nice touch! Looks so fresh and inviting, don’t you think?




And our day wasn’t over yet!Smile

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