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Monday, May 21, 2012

Maui… Tuesday

Tuesday was a FULL day! Josh had conference sessions in the morning and so my mom and I took the kids on a walk, got shaved ice and did a little exploring of the resort and surrounding area. Our body clocks were a little off as we generally were waking up really early and then it kept seeming later than it was throughout the day. We were often ready for Lunch at 10:00 in the morning. Hawaiian time, I guess.


My mom caught a little gecko on a leaf and was able to give the kids an up close look. What a grandma! She’s even got lizard catching skills!





Then the little guy got a little too friendly and started to take a stroll of it’s own… up my mom’s arm!  We got him safely back into his home and I think my mom was overall unscathed by the event. Winking smileDon’t worry no animals were harmed in the filming of this event.


Micah pretty much required a constant one-on-one. Turns out he is just as busy… and fast… in Hawaii as he is in California… go figure! 


A walk through Whaler’s Village… for Micah it was less of a walk and more of a sprint.




Nothing beats a mid-morning snack of shaved ice… right?



After our walk we went back to the room… Micah crashed. He pretty much had a little melt down… I think he was on sensory overload. So a nap was just what he needed. I think he was out for almost 3 hours for that nap!

This is the view outside our room. We had a ground floor room which was perfect. It was great for the pool, beach, view… it just worked out really well.


It also made it possible for this little man to RUN. Did I mention… he is on the go… a lot?




More pool time. Our girls became a whole shade darker very quickly on this trip. They were in the pool for a large majority of each day.




Daddy got to join us for the afternoon. Micah was stuck to him like glue any time he was with us.


This little blow up life vest was Micah’s favorite thing. He wanted to wear it in and OUT of the pool. And in case you are wondering about his nose… that is still the “rose bush injury” that he is not allowing to heal. He is constantly scratching and picking at it. Sad smile


The girls had a blast in the pool and met several other kids to play with. Anna, especially was always on the look out for her “friends.”



Leah’s first time in a pool! She didn’t show much of a reaction either way about being in the water. She was only in for about five minutes. We really tried to keep her in the shade during the week.


The Nelson 6.



Us again. They had a kiddie pool that was about 1 and 1/2 foot deep that was divided from the rest of the pool. That area kind of became our base camp for the day… every day. Bekah was all over the pool which had rivers a water slide and other pools, all inter connecting throughout the grounds of the resort… Anna was all over too but they always had to be with us or at least in our sight… so it was nice to have a place to keep an eye on everyone and also an area to contain the little man.


On Tuesday night we met Josh’s work colleagues for dinner at the Hula Grill. Yummy food! And we had to get a picture of Micah sitting down. It wasn’t for long but it was something.


After dinner my mom took three older kids back to the room so that Josh and I could stay and talk and have dessert… like I said… Her presence was invaluable.

Another great day! 

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