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Thursday, May 3, 2012

more pieces of the every day…

Somebody says “ I’m too big for naps!” .. but seems to always fall asleep pretty quickly when she is read a good book and her head is rubbed… and is always a much more happy five year old afterwards. And a secret weapon ?……“Mommy and Daddy’s” bed… she can’t resist. Works every time!  Oh how I love naptime. Let me say that again…. “Oh… how… I… LOVE.. naptime! ”  The afternoon hours are generally pretty peaceful around here…. I’m savoring the days of forced down time. Soaking up the time that Leah can still be swaddled. It is so easy to get her to sleep right now. Just wrap her tight and pop in that pacifier… give her a little cuddle time and she is out. I know it’s not going to be that easy forever. I have to be careful though… this nap thing can be contagious. I could EASILY take a nap everyday. EASILY. Doesn’t usually happen. But when it does… all is well with the world.


We have been learning about the 50 states and are currently “in” Kentucky. So we met Daddy for a lunch fitting the occasion. Winking smile


Appropriate, right?




Leah is so close to sitting up…


… no really… I PROMISE….


This kid…. what is he…? Nevermind. No comment…. oy!


We are studying birds in science and one of our activities was decorating a “bird tree”.  The girls each strung about 3 1/2 feet of popcorn on a string. Believe it or not it was almost a two HOUR project…. I had plans for a lot more popcorn strings but it would have taken us days,  I’m sure. So the birds just got a little snack vs. an entire tree covered in popcorn. 


Micah was quite upset that the popcorn was all for the birds.


“I think I see some extra kernels, mom… can’t I have those?”


Loading up on vitamins… trying to stay healthy for upcoming adventures.Winking smile


What is with my kids and scratches on their noses? So hard to keep those tiny baby fingernails trimmed.


just a few little nibbles of life around here…

…as always, more to come.

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