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Monday, June 25, 2012

baby crochet…

Late Friday night my fingers got the itch… I haven’t picked up my crochet hooks in several months…

Anyways… I started a granny square and kept on going… (into the wee hours of the morning). I picked up my hook again on Saturday for a bit and then again on Sunday and by Sunday night Leah had a colorful blanket! 

Now my older girls are asking “ what about a blanket for us?!?”


The thing is blankets for taller people require… well… more time, more yarn… yada yada…. baby blankets are much more attainable for this girl who enjoys quick projects!

But either way they will have to wait… because,  first I have to make one for a certain little nephew coming this Fall! Eeeeekkkk so excited!!!!!

I think Leah liked helping mommy show off her work ,I mean… show off Leah’s new blanket! Winking smile

And I never tire of taking pictures of this little bundle of smiles and dimples. 








new neighbors….

A couple weekends ago we got some new neighbors…

and from all appearances they seem to be pretty rowdy,

they are quite the noise makers…

there are always people in and out of the house…

…I can’t tell you how often they come wanting to borrow a cup of sugar ( or just raid my pantry.)





Well! There goes the neighborhood! Winking smile

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sleepy baby…

So much to catch up on… but speaking of “catch”…. it’s Tuesday night and the hubby and I are sitting down to watch us a little “Deadliest Catch”… so the blog catch up will have to wait. Priorities, right? But until the blog is updated, I will leave you with a little video of the Leah bug. We had lunch today with some cousins and she was sitting in the midst of running, screaming, jumping kids… surrounded by chatting adults and still began to nod off to sleep. Sweet baby….

I’m so tired… please lay me down for a nap….

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

pieces of the everyday…

Most mornings you would find me… TRYING…. to wake up with these two munchkins in my bed.


Up until recently Micah hasn’t paid much attention to Leah. I am very interested/ excited to see their relationship develop. I hope they are going to be great buddies.


Getting tickled…


This little girl really has such a sweet disposition.


What is cuter than a baby sleeping?


This face makes me smile.


All the flags out on Memorial Day


Planted this year’s vegetable garden a few weeks back… also added another bed for corn and another for the pumpkins this year.


And did our herbs in a barrel this year. Since last year they were taken over by crazy tomatoes. Winking smile


My handy man made mason jar cups for us all… thanks to a tutorial from a friend they were the world’s quickest craft! Smile



This little guy is not much for down time. Even when he is sick he doesn’t stop. But he still has his moments of cuddle time. Especially with his momma. I’m not complaining. (p.s. notice how dark his arm is in comparison to his back…. can you say farmer’s tan?Winking smile) And no his nose has not healed yet. Any ideas? The doctor suggested socks on the hands…. ummmm have you met this kid?