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Saturday, July 28, 2012

pieces of the everyday… summer edition

A few weeks ago we went to a homeschool conference. Our older three had a sleep-over with Grandpa and Grandma, but Leah got to join Mommy and Daddy.

Seriously this kid gets a 10 on the “Cute Scale”. Just sayin…


she enjoyed very much the lecture on “Homeschooling through the Seasons”


And in case you are worried about “socialization”… it’s not a problem.


Getting ready to go out to dinner with Mommy and Daddy.


Leah is now sleeping in her own crib in the girls’ room. But she usually finds her way back into our bed in the early morning hours. For some reason she seems to sleep so much better on that cozy memory foam.  I am sure it has nothing to do with how much she loves her mamma. Winking smile



Oh boy, what a daddy! Could this pool look any smaller! Hot days require water play.


And for some reason even with less than a foot of water… FULL snorkel gear is required?


Summer buzz cuts for the boys. I didn’t intend for Micah to spend the season bald… however, he isn’t the most willing client. And after nicks and dings… a frustrated Mommy opted for a number 1 clipper all over the head. At least I don’t have to brave cutting his hair for a little longer now. And we discovered he has a very “moley” head… so just good to know, I guess. Winking smile


This little love bug melts my heart and is growing way too fast! I tell her (and all my kids) “Stop getting bigger”…. every day. They don’t listen. Sad smile


The girls are taking a ballet class at a local church this Summer. It has been a great time for them and I love how they are learning the ballet basics all to beautiful worship music. Also a good thing about it is there is a big play room for the little ones while the older girls are in class. When we took lessons at the community center there was no play area… it wasn’t fun waiting. Sad smile 

Micah enjoys lessons mainly for this reason….

Mommy brings snacks and the ipad….


he’s good with that. Winking smile

This is a little gruesome but since it IS indeed a “piece of the everyday”… I’m gonna post it.  The woes of an 8 year old learning ear ring maintenance….


A couple weeks ago… Rebekah came into the kitchen and said her ear felt “gooey”( I know TMI). I looked at her ear and asked “Where is the earing back?” She said… “It’s on there.” After closer inspection I realized… sure enough… she had pushed the back through….. THROUGH…. her ear! THROUGH IT PEOPLE!!!! OUCH!!!! I became a surgeon for the moment with a doctor’s and nurse’s advice and instructions…  and thankfully a major infection was able to be avoided and her ear has healed and we didn’t need to let it close up. It’s just kind of funny, because I have been SOOOOO crazy about checking her ears… only allowing her to wear quality earrings and making sure they are always clean. This literally happened over night. Oh well, lesson learned. And Rebekah didn’t flinch or whine at all. I sometimes think this girl is made of steel. She’s got a major pain tolerance.

Anyways… this summer is zooming by. And we are enjoying the fast, the slow, the crazy and lazy of the every day of summer.

Go Team U.S.A.!!!

Let it be known… Josh and I L.O.V.E. the Olympics! We have serious Olympic fever. Actually we both have put going to an Olympic game on our “bucket list.” Micah was born during the 2010 Winter Olympics… and I remember well holding my precious new little man in my hospital room watching the Olympics with just Mommy, Daddy and baby. A good memory. We pretty much have the games on at all times during the 2 week run.

Last night we had a little opening ceremonies party of our own with some homeschooling friends to kick off the games and also a fun  Olympic Unit Study!

a few crafts, Olympic inspired taco bar and dessert bar, a few competitive games and plenty of excitement

PicMonkey Collage

vbs…what a week!

What a fun week we had!









Action packed… joyful days!

coming home dog tired…


A full week. Always worth every ounce of energy, effort and minute!

It was a full week for Josh too. He had a couple late nights and early mornings… I think I have mentioned we kinda like our Superman…

So this was a little video we sent to Daddy one of the mornings…

Good morning Daddy!

Can’t wait until next year!

Monday, July 23, 2012


This week we are in full, packed-lunches-everyday, wake-up-early, cool-t-shirt-wearing, Jesus-praising, Bible-learning, song-singing,water-day, craft-making, cookie-eating, friend-loving, come-home-and-crash...... Mode. Whew!
Yep! Let's get excited it's Vacation Bible School week and we are pumped!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

oh my hairs...

a mid-summer buzz cut....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

slowly but surely… I will conquer…

I am about to be vulnerable with you all….

I have a fear…

… I don’t often talk about it…

It’s slightly embarrassing…

I have a fear…

…of baking.



It’s true.

Whenever I ask that question “can I bring anything?”, when we are attending an event or invited somewhere for dinner…. in the back of my mind…. I am praying… “please don’t say… dessert. PLEASE……. don’t….. say…. dessert” “Tell me to bring ANYTHING. A casserole. A salad. Multiple side dishes. The MAIN COURSE but please NOT the dessert!” And most of the time if dessert is their request I then make a trip to get a store bought something, which usually is consumed with delight and no one is the wiser in regards to my anxiety.

I know. Weird. Many people find the whole process of baking therapeutic… but I don’t. It wasn’t always this way. I wasn’t born with this fear… no it was something that developed over time. And actually it is more of a recent thing. Something that was a product of a LONG and temperamental relationship with a faulty oven. When we moved into this home almost 8 years ago… I met something that I would spend a majority of each day with… our oven. I got to know it. I learned it’s ways, it’s needs, its moods. Well it has been getting more and more testy with each passing year. (Age does that, right?) But it was sneaky and deceitful in it’s failing. It still worked. But was it working right? I didn’t always know. It started to make me believe… it was all me. I fancy myself as a pretty darn good cook. (If I do say so myself) But when it came to the actual baking department… I had batch after batch of fails! I kept trying and trying again. But flat, fallen, undercooked, overcooked, one-side-done, one-side- runny….. this was always my outcome. When it came to other things…. chicken, pork, pizza, casseroles… my oven always took double time. I will be honest, I have thrown a couple “kitchen fits”…. you know where you bang a dish towel on the counter and scream a big…. “AHHHHHHHHH”….. followed by a mad scan through the current recipe….. mumbling…. “ I KNOW I did what I was supposed to do!!!!”….. followed by a throwing of the towel in hand and a LOUD…..“ FORGET IT!!!!!” Tell me I am not the only one who has thrown a “kitchen –fit” or two…. or several….

(My husband is, I know, going to read this and envision said moment with a smile… knowing exactly what one of these “fits” looks like. My parents can probably envision it as well…. looks a lot like the fits I used to throw as a teenager when trying to manage my out of control hair…. so a “kitchen fit” looks a lot like a “hair fit”, Mom and Dad.Winking smile)

I have friends that I watch with envy when they bring a tray of a freshly baked something to a gathering. I watch The Pioneer Woman, or Barefoot Contessa and drool for their different baked delights… and then a little evil voice tells me…. “you can’t do that.” ( Ok… so it’s not so sinister… but having an “evil voice”  helps my case.Winking smile) Alas over the last year I have become more aware and confident that indeed my partner in cooking (the stove/ oven) has been letting me down. And I have realized… maybe, just maybe… it’s not me….. “MAYBE IT’S YOU MR Whirlpool WHITE  20 YEAR OLD RANGE AND OVEN!!!!!!YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!!!” 

So after some discussion, some research (by the hubby) and a trip to Home Depot… a replacement was ordered.

And yesterday… it came…  the NEW one … my new partner in the kitchen. And thus our relationship begins… I already like him better. He is way cleaner. Winking smile (How’s that for some good ol’ English grammar for ya!?” )Smile

At first I almost didn’t want to cook on or in it… When will I ever have a BRAND new perfectly white and clean stove again? But that thought was quick to pass as I had 5 other people in close proximity who were hungry. So first thing we made? Baked chicken…. 25 minutes to juicy on the inside yet crispy on the outside poultry perfection. WAIT 25 minutes!!!??! Not an hour?!!?! And what is that color?!?! Could it be….. “golden brown.” WOW!!!! Haven’t seen that in a long time. 


After dinner and the evening routine… which included Micah and Leah going to bed first….

I thought… “I THINK I CAN”…. and got the urge to bake. Not all crazy baking…. baby steps, baby steps…. just cake mix cookies. So as Josh washed dishes (cause he’s just awesome) I made a quick batch of Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies…

We chatted about work, life, school, kids… it was pretty nice. (We don’t often just get time to chat it up) We mentioned how nice it was that both “babies” went to bed so easily…

Then ding! The timer went off! Look… crackly, chewy… awesome…. in 8 minutes!


We continued to stand and chat…. while tasting cookies and pouring cold glasses of milk. Our older girls came in for a good night snack. It was confirmed… they were good…. the cookies that is…. the girls too… oh you know what I mean. The girls went off to bed. Wow! A new oven was just making life so easy… in more than just cooking! MAGIC!

And then… the faint sound of a harmonica… being played….


Hmmmm…. is our neighbor picking up a new hobby? We followed the sound…. which led us straight to…


…a naked 2 year old, playing the harmonica, sitting in his bean bag… with his daddy’s tie loosely tied around his body.  He had been in his room for 2 hours folks!!!!!!! This brings me to a whole new fear… this kid in a “big boy bed” phase… it has to happen. Hello????He doesn’t stay in his crib…. but the thought of it makes me shiver with fear. Micah uncontained!?! It’s very scary. Say a prayer.

So baby steps. I haven’t fully conquered my fear of baking… but hopefully I am on the road to recovery.

So here’s to cakes and cookies… and actually OFFERING to bring dessert!

And here’s to harmonicas and big boy beds… every day a new mountain to climb.Winking smile

Today baking… tomorrow… or maybe next week… big… boy… bed…

… or maybe next month.

I know, I know…

give me time. Winking smile

Monday, July 9, 2012

aunt donna days…

Wednesday’s are my sister’s day off. And usually she finds some time in  that one day off a week to pay us a visit.

Oh, we do love Aunt Donna Days…

Donna doesn’t care if beds are made, laundry is piled, if noses are runny…. she doesn’t mind wiping a nose (or a bottom)…  and has many times folded our ever- continuous laundry mountain… I don’t ask… she just does it. She will willing sit down to a bowl of SpaghettiO’s and  half a grilled cheese and chat with her nieces and nephew.  Yep, we love our Aunt Donna days…

She and I can chat the day away and have no problem doing nothing together. She knows me. The good, the bad, the ugly. And I love her for it.

Yep, we love Aunt Donna Days… on Wednesday or any other day.

these pictures are from a month or so ago… we got these blankets for the girls from Ikea for $2.50! With a little fabric glue and my box of scrap fabric the girls set out to create… with help from Aunt Donna of course.




palm springs… the pictures…

While in the desert… we met up with Josh’s cousin Tiffany and her family who were renting a house not too far away. What a joy that was! Our girls were in heaven having cousins to play with.




Micah had a mini-meltdown… and then crashed asleep on the tile floor.


The rest of our week was pretty much spent in the pool, doing a few crafty things (out of the pool, just to clarify), watching a few movies…. (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse would be on constant replay if Micah had his choice),  and eating more than our fair share of popsicles and potato chips.




this picture is pretty funny…. don’t they all look like they are having a FABULOUS time!?Winking smile


Leah LOVED the water! I think that it being the temperature of a warm bath helped a lot. But she really was so content to be carried and bounced around in the pool…


I feel like every time I look at Rebekah she grows another inch.


The ever popular cannon “baaaaaaaaallllllll”!!!!!!



And the equally as popular… run and JUMP!


Anna was constantly in “need” of pool time! She woke up with pool on the brain and talked about going to the pool the next day as she went to bed at night.


Yep! Fun times in Palm Springs!