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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Friday… together.

Time for a little blog catch-up….

A few weeks ago… Josh ended up taking a Friday off of work for some doctor’s appointments and after said appointments we ended up taking a little day trip…

First we went to lunch at Watson’s Drug in Orange… complete with a blackberry shake.  And then went to Pretend City for a few hours. Free passes made the trip even better…



Micah was in over- stimulation- mode…. if I was to try an accurately give you a sound impression for how he acted while at Pretend City… it would be something like…. “ZING!….BING!….. ZING!!!!!….. BING!…. ZIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG!!!!!” Basically bounced from one thing to the next without looking up, around or taking time to breathe.


This little hat of Anna’s was a 99cents only store purchase and she wears it… well… daily. Smile





And then with a Friday evening at our disposal and 4 kids peacefully strapped into car seats we did something that we really should have done sooner…

We went to the spot where Josh proposed….. to me. (Just to clarify Winking smile)

12 years ago on July 14th… I said “YES!” to the best question I’ve ever been asked…

“Will you marry me?”



And 12 years later… we brought back some souvenirs from this journey called marriage ….4 souvenirs to be exact.Winking smile




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