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Monday, July 2, 2012

Lots of littles lately…

This little girl is going to be in Kindergarten this fall… and I have just a wee bit of sadness about it. In many ways Anna has always seemed older than she is. She is constantly trying to keep up with her older sister and I tend to lump them into the same group, forgetting one is 5 and the other is 8. I have to remind myself often… “She is just 5.” But there are other ways in which she still shows some of her baby-ness…. She still is a sucker for a good nap. She is small in stature…I can’t tell you how often people guess her age to be 3 or 4. And she loves to be held and cuddled. Our Anna, growing all too fast… and almost a KINDERGARTENER! Say it’s not so….


Soooo…. does your family have post-bath concert time? We do… on occasion…. it can get a little crazy. Winking smile


Couch forts… a wonderful pastime.


On occasion when the mood strikes… on Saturday mornings… I will go to a garage sale or two. I remember “garage sale-ing” often with my mom  (a seasoned pro) growing up and look back on those Saturday morning treasure hunts with fondness…. we have some simple, funny and all around good memories…. from those days gone by…. not to mention… some AWESOME finds. Anyways back to present day… here are some fun little finds the girls and I found…

this old dress form was from a few weeks back….


Bekah is always up for early morning hours…. as well as hot chocolate and a vanilla scone from Starbucks. Winking smile (Mommy also enjoys the said scones… but gets an iced tea or iced coffee instead of hot chocolate…. watching my calories. Winking smile HA! that made me laugh.)


Doesn’t she look so pretty in my room with all my necklaces on her neck. Bekah said “we should name her!” I don’t know.. naming inanimate objects kinda creeps me out. But if we did… we decided “Ethel” would be a good fit. So exposing our weirdness. Winking smilegaragesale4

These cans are just from this past Saturday. Some old tins that someone gave new life by screwing on little knobs… BRILLANT! There is an old Pillsbury Flour tin also…that doesn’t fit on my little counter space) Five bucks…for the lot… not bad. I’m sure my mom would have gotten them all for a quarter but… like I said… she got skills! 


Summer evenings mean more time in our backyard… we are enjoying our yard more and more these days.  So I know that I have mentioned our Rebekah’s determination…. she is very good… at trying… and trying again when it comes to anything in life. Her Grandpa Nelson told her he would give her $5 if she could master a head stand. And well…

What do you think? 


She worked on this for a few weeks. I took lots of videos, lots of pictures of the trying… (maybe I will do another post with all of those..) but for now here is the SUCCESS!!!!!

Bekah rockin the head stand!

And now she is $5.oo richer! Winking smile

And gets more steady by the day.  I think the record is 33 seconds.

and can’t stop the urge to randomly be upside down. uggg….. gives me a headache…


Leah is such a fun baby. Pretty much never in a bad mood.  I really am not saying that for show.She actually is a lot like Bekah was as a baby. Very sociable. Easy to make happy. Loves to eat! Loves to be held. Basically the definition of “sweet.”

Here she is modeling for her mommy… who can’t stop taking pictures. Hair thing…. 99cents only stores! I kid you not… I find such awesome things there!


My Valentine’s Day gift finally hung up and displayed. Poor Josh… get’s me a sweet gift only to find out that he must paint the hallway before he can hang it. I couldn’t hang my beautiful ruler to mark our kids heights on our old yucky walls…. right? Validate my craziness please.Winking smile


oh these “little” things that really aren’t so little… they make up the wonderful every day life around here. The little things made of big blessings.

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