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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Presidential Outing…

the blog updating continues…

A couple of weekends ago…

We were in the mood for a little day trip. We had been wanting to scope out a camp ground we had heard of but wanted something else to do with our day so that we weren’t just driving to look at a dirt lot and come home. So we landed on the decision to revisit the Reagan Library. We had been here before, but it had been a few years. Oh boy, do I think this place is awesome! I can’t help but get goose bumps and walk around with a proud lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.  The grounds are beautiful, the exhibits awesome… I mean, HELLO!, walking through “Air Force One”!!!!! Ummm yeah, talk about cool! We had a great time! We all left bubbling over with patriotism… or maybe it was just the sarsaparilla… either way… a very fun outing.

After the Reagan Library we drove a bit more towards Ventura… ate the most scrumptious fish tacos and clam chowder at a little beachside “YELP!” find, and then eventually went to the campground for a little peak. We will be going there in August.

This is my kind of day, folks. A Saturday with my family, patriotism,scenery, beauty, history, root beers, fudge, clam chowder and taking pictures like this one below…  


Who could ask for a better day?Winking smile

The girls just taking a stroll with President Reagan…. 


The gang..


About to board Air Force One…

I was on stroller duty as they are not allowed on the plane and Leah was sleeping. So we went in shifts. I think I got the better deal. Josh had Micah to control… and we all know Micah gets antsy on planes… whether they are moving or not. I walked through feeling an intense sense of awe.. thinking of the places visited, the decisions made, the weight carried by the persons we choose to lead our country.



Giving a presidential wave.


two of my lovelies…



Marine One…


the Leah bug. Slept for a majority of our time….


We stopped and got a few old fashion sodas as well as a little Rocky Road fudge to sample. One soda was a Russian grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange soda… Micah was the only one who really cared for it. And he preferred blowing bubbles through the straw more than drinking it.






I would be lying if I said our trip was “leisurely”, FUN? yes… enjoyable? for sure… but NOTHING is really leisurely with this man in tow. In fact there were some more peaceful, somber, and tight spaced exhibits that we blew right past… (like… literally…. R.A.N through) so as to not disturb the fellow visitors with the little person(s) in our caravan that was squealing, screaming, grunting, crying, climbing… you get the idea. Josh and I look at each other often and say… “Maybe we could make this a date- night… kinda thing……… one day.”Winking smileWe are currently seeing a lot of life through Micah’s attention span…. very fast paced. 



time to go.. on to other adventures…


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