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Friday, August 17, 2012

pieces of the everyday…

This kid is pretty awesome.


This little person is pretty much never still but has a few things that will cause him to pause and sit (if only for a moment) …. they would be… Kipper the Dog, Mickey Mouse, fruit snack gummies…. and books (especially ones with flaps). He loves anytime we tell him to “go get a book”. He will run to his room with excitement and 9 times out of 10 I can usually guess the book he will bring. I have to be careful though because once the book train starts its hard to stop… kinda like when you throw a dog a ball… they keep bringing it back…. same thing.Winking smile


We’ve been having fun with nail art this summer. Bekah has fun playing with the camera on my iphone.


Spending time at home…

some little things…. our pumpkins are taking off this year!  Can’t wait for harvest time!

Always time to rearrange home décor (it’s a constant in my house)!

Had to take a picture of my post camping pedicure… my poor feet were traumatized after the brutal dirt and heat Winking smile

Note to self… Emily, don’t buy ice cream bars…. you will eat them! Bad!


Gotta love pool play dates. Especially when HOT and MUGGY is the forecast.



Midweek birthday parties…. BEST IDEA EVER! The girls and I attended a tea party for a friend. Micah was with my mom. The girls were pampered and beautified, nibbled on treats, played games, sipped tea and enjoyed friends.


This one below is from today… 

I had to take something to Josh’s work this morning… and somehow convinced him to keep Micah while I ran a quick trip to the store. (It was like 20 minutes) So anyways… Josh had an impromptu “bring your son to work day” (for 20 minutes) with Micah. When I picked him up he had sharpie marker all over his hands, I was told he emptied the drawers of Josh’s desk and Daddy surprisingly did not get a thing done. I’ll be honest and say that I found it somewhat satisfactory to hear Josh acknowledge that it is near impossible to get anything accomplished with Micah around. Ya think?!?


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