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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

pieces of the everyday…

When I taught preschool we would make what we called… “Fruit of the Spirit Mix.” Basically we took all the little bits of leftover snacks from the week and threw them all together in one big bucket. The mix was never the same… sometimes it was down right “interesting” but the thing that was always the same was that we always called it “Fruit of the Spirit Mix.” So the other day the girls and I made some of our own FOTSM… with a little granola, peanuts, m&m’s, raisins, almonds, dried blueberries and lots of giggles and love.


Happy girl… got new jammies when Mommy scored these at Target for $3.28. Happiness all around.


I love listening to Rebekah read aloud.


Ok… so this is a glimpse into my quirkiness. We have had this “magnet wall” (that’s what we call it) for probably 3 years now. All the kids art work and everything worth displaying goes on it. I have had in mind to put some sort of wording over the top of it since we put it up but just haven’t. While at Michael’s I found these "tin” letters (don’t look too close, they are plastic) in the dollar bin. I started looking through and found the “U” and the “Y” and liked the colors and look of those. When looking through the rest of the options I wasn’t that impressed (most of the other letters were pretty cheesy looking) but became determined to make the “U” and “Y” work. So after literally laying letters out on the Michael’s floor, arranging and rearranging words all with “U” and “Y” … “ Buy” No. “GUY” No. "lucky” No. “FUNNY” …. hmmm…. yes! It works. We are… funny, that is. So that’s how our “Funny Wall” was born. See? quirky. Winking smile


I won’t deny it. I like a good foot rub. And my girls are actually often ones to offer a massage every now and then. I think it’s because they like drawing in the lotion. But I don’t mind. Still feels mighty nice.


Just more little pieces of the everyday.

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