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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

pieces of the everyday…

I’ve been told… “Summer is almost over.” Kinda sad. But we are eeking out every last little bit of fun we can.

Time with cousins…. always a favorite!



And fun always leads to a tired little boy and peaceful car rides home.


Summer heat doesn’t really make for a mommy who wants to cook. Sometimes Panera is needed, appreciated and enjoyed. The girls love bread bowls with broccoli, cheese soup…. and Micah? He’s a cream cheese kinda guy.No bagel…just cream cheese.


This says enough….



My little helper. Actually my big helper.


Fun things in the middle of the regular routine.


Park play dates with people we love just make for a great way to spend a summer day.


Meeting our favorite Melvin ladies for breakfast is always a treat. Micah’s new alligator from his cousin has been quite a few places with us this week.


And this is to show a little ingenuity on my part.

The problem? Micah was CONTINUALLY opening the fridge and pulling out everything! I was frustrated.

Then I walked by a purse of mine hanging on a door knob and DING!!!! The light bulb went off! The strap is now a refrigerator lock! So far it’s working!


Brilliant! …. until he figures it out!

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