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Friday, August 31, 2012


Sleep has not been abundant and very good as of late. Leah's been teething. We were up early this morning, all saying goodbye to Daddy pre 6 am. We are currently getting packed up to head out for a road trip to the Grand Canyon and a week that hopefully includes a little relaxing ( hey a girl can dream, right?) So this morning as I opened the fridge to toss or freeze what we won't eat today... I saw about 25 pound of tomatoes. Our tomatoes. Home grown. Uggggg. I can't just toss them. We worked for those! Tomatoes don't freeze very well. Hmmmmm.....I guess getting up before the sun will work in my favor. It only takes about 5 hours to make spaghetti sauce... What the hay! Why not? And I was done before noon. Now back to packing...

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