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Saturday, September 22, 2012


I’ve obviously already posted parts of our Arizona trip. Those were the days, I took the most pictures. Here are the rest.

We left on a Saturday.

…feeling the worries melt away the farther from home we get. We love road trips!


We started a little game with monetary motivation. We had a list of things that if the kids spotted they could earn a nickel or dime a WILD animal was 50 cents. It was actually a lot of fun. Even Micah got into it. He was really good at spotting American Flags!



Children… this is how NOT to drive!


We started at a “resort” in Phoenix…

We spent two days there. Mostly in the pool, doing a little shopping, finding a few good eats. IT WAS HOT! The kids loved it. I think Josh and I realized this particular “resort” wasn’t exactly geared towards families. (We will just say “par-tay!!!!” was a common theme for most guests.  But our kids were none the wiser.

Upon reaching any hotel, my four always give it a complete and thorough inspection.Every closet, mirror, table, window, button, drawer, curtain, bed, shower… you get the point. The kids love checking out the room from top to bottom.



Here is the first morning we were there… Look at Leah’s face. I think she had been bopped once before so she was expecting another whop with the pillow…



Leah is very loved on by her brother and sisters.


BAD, BAD, FOUL, DISGUSTING TV options equals… Nelson kids content watching Mr. Rogers on the iPAD.


So Sunday morning after some pillow fights and a trip to the “neighborhood” we went out to Scottsdale for a little breakfast and shopping…



And then came back to the hotel for swimming and lazing around our room (AIR CONDITIONED ROOM)


On Monday we headed towards Flagstaff with a stop at Mac Alpine’s (an old soda fountain) on our way. It is a really cool place. It is not only an old soda fountain (established in the 1920’s I think…) it’s also an antique store. It had room after room of cool “old junk” as my grandparents would call it. Speaking of them, I walked in and instantly had flashbacks to my grandparents’ house...






I’m not kidding… my grandparents had a wall in their house that was covered in green shelves just like that with a bunch of their antique knickknacks just like this one…


We sipped on sodas ate too much ice cream for 11 in the morning and then got back on the road. And I think I left with a little longing for days gone bye.





And the road to Flagstaff didn’t disappoint us with it’s view. It was beautiful. We watched an incredible sky, lightning and beautiful fields of yellow. The landscape went from dessert rocks to farm fields, cows grazing and forests of pine trees.



We got to Flagstaff, checked into the timeshare, and went to go stock up on groceries for the week (Wal-Mart is everywhere) and get dinner…. here...


People, can I just tell you… I fell in LOVE.  This place was so yummy! We went back again. You can keep Panera and Corner Bakery… I’ll take Wildflower Bread Company. I suggested moving to Arizona for this restaurant… Josh was almost convinced. Winking smile 

Well those are all the pics from the rest of our week… We were in Flagstaff for four days. Unfortunately 2 of those days the kids had the flu. We made the most of it, and actually it kinda forced us to have some serious down time. Most needed. Josh and I took turns getting out… he golfed… I went thrift store shopping.

It was a great vacation overall. We look forward to heading out Arizona way again, real soon.

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