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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pieces of the everyday…

I have had some of these photos on my phone for a while now… And in order to have a clear mind right now, I need a clear phone. And cleaning out cell phone pictures is a lot more fun than cleaning dishes.

Rebekah takes piano lessons on Thursdays, which she has loved. Bonus: her teacher comes to our home. Double Bonus: Grandma takes the other kids for the morning.

On the Thursday this was taken Grandma was on vacation… so Leah was an audience.


My sister-in-law told me about the free haircuts JcPenney was offering the month of August. FREE!? Have you met us!? We like free! So the girls got a little back-to-school trim! Thanks Aunt Joy!


And while we are discussing hair… I found a bunch of… I will call them “doo-dahs” at Michaels on clearance and felt they needed to be hair accessories for Leah. Head bands from dollar tree and several clearance “doo-dahs” made for  5 headbands for under 5 dollars! 



Micah is all into Dinosaurs right now (as well as pirate swords, hooks and “ARRR MATEYS”, monsters and MORE THAN ANYTHING…….. COWBOY BOOTS!!!!!!) Anyways… our neighbor had a garage sale last weekend and let the kids take as many books as they could carry. He obviously was wanting to get rid of stuff, it was the end of a hot day. We ended up with probably 25 books. And this one below was the ONLY one Micah wanted…. and thus, the only one he carried. A Dinosaur flap book. DINOS and FLAPS? Right up this kid’s alley!


Anna during “book basket” time…. She’s REVELING in her kindergarten status! And I have NO idea why her feet look like she was stomping in the grape vats…blame instagram filters, I say.


I am so proud of this little bulletin board in the girls’ room. I had all their badges in a baggy in a box and when I went to put the ones from the Grand Canyon away it dawned on me that we needed to display them! I want to get as many as possible before they aren’t “Junior Ranger Status” anymore… and for now, so do the girls. I am missing the ones from Red Rock Canyon and also one more from Mount Rushmore and I think one more, I can’t remember... I will have to look for those. But these little pins just represent so much to me… amazing places, timeless lessons, little moments, little hands, little feet, growing minds, patriotism, history, America, time with family, worshiping our creator, teaching our kids to worship THEIR CREATOR… great memories.


Here was my little helper while I packed for our week away. I will have to do a post on my “packing grid” one of these days. I’ve got it down to a literal science, folks. Just an FYI.Winking smileWe will just say my engineer of a hubby is even impressed with my “chart” process.Winking smile




I had forgotten about these pictures. These were taken on a random weekday morning in July. It was actually kind of a cool morning. (UNLIKE TODAY… supposed to be 106. STOP IT!) Anyways… I remember when we bought this house in 2005 we were so impressed by the huge back yard…. and then we moved in and saw a HUGE unlandscaped… (ok poorly landscaped) backyard and I was overwhelmed. I remember wondering if I would ever like and enjoy our backyard. And now? I would say on any day under 100 degrees… the back yard is actually my favorite part of the house. So here’s a little backyard lovin.

I just thought those little mushrooms were the cutest thing ever. 99 cents only stores, of course.


My clearance can lights at Target. And those hanging cans were at Target too… they were also on clearance for 18 cents each. Ummm… wouldn’t you buy ANYTHING if it was priced 18 cents!? Ok, maybe not anything… but pretty much.


The sand box. It often doubles as a water feature. (Not mommy’s idea.)


A view through my heirlooms….


The garden. With weeds. HUNDREDS Of TOMATOES!!!!!!! Bitter lettuce… we think we didn’t plant the right kind of variety. Our beets and carrots were a bust this year….Sad smile


But not our pumpkins…. Can you believe that was from just a few seeds!!!! CRAZY! It literally is growing out into our yard…. INCHES A DAY!!!! I am excited for our pumpkins to be harvested… for a few reasons. That means FALL is here. I have no idea what is living down in that bush…actually I know spiders… possibly something furry. ULLLGGGG!!!! And when our pumpkins our gone… something else will be in it’s place…

Can you guess? Animal, vegetable or mineral? I give you a hint…. it’s not the last two.


I think I have mentioned before that “laundry is my life”… well add into that category… the constant organizing and going through of clothing. It really doesn’t end. I feel like I am constantly switching things around… donating things, patching things, destaining things, figuring out what fits, what doesn’t, what will fit, what will be worn, what won’t… it’s an ongoing project. This week I switched all the kids dressers and girls closet space around to make more room and make everything less cluttered. There is a cubby space next to the closet in their room and it was kind of a “hide and stuff” station. Now? It’s Bekah’s closet. I have more pictures and things to completely cover that wall. I got those Pottery Barn Kids curtains for 2 bucks at the Goodwill. I may have a little of my mom’s bargain finding blood in me.Winking smile


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