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Monday, October 29, 2012

a big boy bed...

Micah has graduated to a twin size bed. He's been in it for about 3 weeks, just keep forgetting to post a picture. Time sure does fly...doesn't it? Yesterday a bassinet. Today a big boy bed. Tomorrow...? Ahhhh.... who's thinking about tomorrow? I'll just take in today.

This little man thinks he is pretty cool stuff!

Friday, October 26, 2012

pieces of the everyday… (lots and lots of pieces)

A ton of little things.

Dinosaurs… somebody likes them.


Legos, sippy cups, cowboy boots and bugging sisters… all common things around here.


Nothing like a good book and cowboy boots to make a body fall asleep.


And who doesn’t like a Jell-O facial? It does wonders for the complexion.


Kindergarten assignment… separate lids and containers in the “plastic drawer”, then match lids with containers, and then fit all the containers back in the drawer. And Mommy got a organized drawer out of the deal. Winking smile



Lunch with Aunt Donna… Arby’s… Micah was so impressed with the ginormous cowboy hat.



I just love their roast beef sandwiches. Winking smile


Do most two year olds sneak butter out of the fridge and take full bites of the stick? No? Just my two year old?  And just in case you were wondering… yes, this has happened more than once.


A couple of weeks ago… I had a bug. I’ll just say… yuck. Josh came home early from work and I spent a rainy day in bed. Good to have a good guy and a comfy bed.


My sister is going to have her baby any day now! I told her to have him today. So far she isn’t listening. Sheesh!

Went over to her house last week to help her put some final touches on his room.


We’ve had more days with Aunt Donna now that she is not working. We pass our time with a little humor. Winking smile


A couple of months ago I found this red blanket at Goodwill. It was $4 if I remember correctly. Anyways when setting it out for my sister’s baby shower, my mom said… “this feels like there’s a quilt inside.”

Well we tore back one corner and sure enough we got a peak of a VERY OLD quilt.

Later (after the shower)I took the blanket apart to see the whole thing.

It is literally turning to dust it is SO old. (My mom estimated 75-100 years) All hand done. Just goes to show you can’t judge a book (or blanket) by it’s cover.



Here are a few pictures after the shower we threw for Donna. The kids were loving the balloons.





And this is what a little boy who just saw his balloon float away looks like….

so so very sad…

I mean ,really, have you seen anything more pathetic in all your life!?



After the baby shower, after the loss of a balloon… mommy was pooped. So we went to Islands. (Isn’t that place just yum? We think so.) We were trying to eat, but knew we needed to eat with haste.


Well you will notice… by Micah’s face (below) that he was still slightly disgruntle. Maybe still over the balloon. (He takes a while to get over things.)




And then I look over mid-bite and realize my dear boy has taken off his shirt in a restaurant! I was slightly mortified. Also he did not give a hoot when we told him the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy.  In fact he SCREAMED when Josh started to put the shirt on him.He was done. We apologized to our server. She laughed and said he was “fine” … still didn’t exactly feel like “mother of the year.” We finished VERY quickly and then tried to rapidly (yet discretely) usher our little half dressed person out of the restaurant. 





Wouldn’t you just love to know what this little girl is thinking?


Hi Grandpa!


This is what a double date, sushi and a moment of adult conversation looks like. Pretty great! Winking smile


Meeting daddy for lunch…. one of our favorite things to do.


A little outing with some homeschool buddies… for an IKEA scavenger hunt! I kinda…. well…. love… IKEA.



Rebekah got new glasses this week. She is thrilled!


And for the finale… a picture of sugar.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012


My sister signed us in to Disneyland. And what a fun day we had! We met up with friends and had an action- packed, smile filled day!