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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Program...my little stars.

Last night our homeschool group put on its annual Christmas program. Anna was part of the kindergarten choir and looked oh so grown up standing up in front of everyone. She was thrilled with the "halo" of sparkly ribbon she and the other kindergartener girls wore. I was impressed with how well she sang and participated in the motions! Especially considering earlier in the day she told me she couldn't remember the words and "maybe" she was "too shy" to get up in front of everyone. She melted my heart up there on stage.
Rebekah actually had a pretty big speaking part and a solo. She was so diligent in preparing and really did so well. I'm bummed I didn't get a picture in her "Bible- times" costume. After all was done she said that her stomach hurt ("really bad") before the performance and as soon as she said her first line it was gone. So like our Rebekah to push through fear and pain and not mention both.She seems to thrive off of the whole process of plays and performing and just glowed the entire time. We are so proud of our girls!