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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Anna… birthday dinner

December 13th 2012… Anna turns 6.  Any birthday in our home starts with doughnuts (always in the shape of the birthday number), hot chocolate and a gift or two and birthdays usually end with dinner chosen by the birthday girl or boy.When asked where she wanted to go to dinner on her special day, Anna stated with confidence that she wanted to go to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor. If you know Anna…. you know that this was a huge choice! She can be a tad on the sensitive side and is not in favor of anything that seems like it would be even remotely embarrassing. So to choose a place where she KNEW the servers would come out with drums, noise makers and call the attention of the ENTIRE restaurant to be all on her…. well we will just say it was uncharacteristic. We asked her several times if she “was sure” and she continued to answer “yes.” I am pretty sure she was consciously  facing a fear as you could see the nervous anticipation throughout dinner ( not sure she ate much), but she sat with a huge smile on her face as they sang and danced in her honor. After our dinner it was cold and raining and so we got hot chocolate and went to look at Christmas lights all bundled up in our little KIA ( Oh yeah we had sold our mini van a week prior.) I remember watching Christmas lights outside my hospital window the day she was born, so it was only fitting.

Happy 6th Birthday Anna!















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