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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Disney World…. take off…

After our trip to Utah we had exactly 8 days before we left for Orlando, Florida! We continue to be amazed that everything worked out  so well for this trip and that we were all healthy and truly had an incredible time.  And even now weeks later our kids continue to talk about things we saw, did, tasted and experienced.

So February 1st…. early morning wake up call…. time to pick up Grandpa and Grandma and head to LAX.

Waiting to board our plane… excitement all around.



After a slightly bumpy flight we safely landed in Orlando and hopped on Mickey’s Magical Express…



Which took us to our “hotel”… we actually stayed in a cabin… Fort Wilderness.

We had a great set up. A cabin for us and a cabin for Grandpa and Grandma right next door.


This little girl was so very happy not to be on a plane anymore. She celebrated by spilling a water bottle on herself. Winking smile


We took a very short walk around to check out our surroundings….


Micah was also THRILLED to be able to roam.




Josh researched meticulously and figured out all the details of this trip… my job? Pack. He did the rest. He was able to get us reservations at the California Grill an amazing restaurant with an incredible view at Disney World’s Contemporary Resort. The thing that was pretty special about this reservation is that it was literally for the LAST night the restaurant was open before closing to remodel and also our dinner time perfectly coincided with the fireworks show in the Magic Kingdom. The California Grill is known for not only it’s food but also its perfect viewing of the fireworks. So all that is to say…. my man did good! 



Leah loved the fireworks!!!! She was pointing and oooing and ahhhing…..


The restaurant dims the lights and plays the same music and program the people in the park hear.


Two VERY,VERY excited little girls.


The first of many food pictures. We ate like royalty on this trip.


Micah had had enough of our fancy dinner. It had been a long day with a lot of “forced” sitting and he had not napped…. like not even dozed. So by the end of the dinner I offered to take him on a stroll through the other areas of the hotel. There was a conference area with places for seating where no one was…. so I sat… and he was contained. He took off his shoes and climbed all over those nice couches. And I did not feel the need to stop him…. at all.


After our marvelous dinner we boarded a boat back to our resort…

and saw the “electrical parade” on the water.

Anna’s reaction.


We got to our cabins and crashed…. All except Micah. He had a little bit of a difficult time adjusting to the time difference. Oh well… who needs sleep at Disney World? Right?

So, so, so much more fun to come.

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  1. Josh is GREAT dad. You are GREAT mom. And we are WONDERFUL grandparents! I will never forget the unbelievable experience.